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Zune Mp3

Diposting oleh daulika on Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

The new Zune features reflect an effort by Microsoft to compete with the Apple products, especially, of course, with the iPod Touch that has a touch screen. Also, this fact is a clear signal that Microsoft is working hard in order to incorporate its different platforms for computers and mobile phones into the Xbox environment.

Here are some of the new features:

* Zune HD comes with a built-in HD radio receiver with a better quality sound than the traditional radio sets. This way, users are able to listen to music or radio programs everywhere.

* The interface of the sharp OLED touch screen offers users the possibility to browse playlists, movies and other contents in an easy way.

* Its HD-compatible output allows users to play video in 720p (from the player) to an HDTV through an optional HDMI docking station.

* Zune HD includes a full-screen Internet browser optimized for multitouch functionality, which is able to acknowledge multiple tactile commands.

* Zune HD also includes Wi-Fi connection allowing a quick transmission of more than 5 million songs available from the Zune music store to the player.

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