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Diposting oleh daulika on Kamis, 30 April 2009

Unfortunately, it often happens, that batteries at mobile phones, palmtops, cameras and other portable devices discharge in the most improper time. Especially presently, when almost everyone has PDA, iPods, mobile phones, any others gadgets, it is a big problem. However the device called PowerMonkey can solve such problem.
PowerMonkey is a small gadget, which can provide hours of additional work for your devices.

it can serve as one more battery in case that their own battery will be discharged.
Simply insert a wire into the necessary device and you will not worry any more that the battery can disharge.
There are two versions of PowerMonkey. The first is called eXplorer and works from solar energy, and the second is usual. To both versions the wires are applied, which will approach for all types of portable devices.


Nuvifone - a mobile phone and GPS navigator

Diposting oleh daulika on Jumat, 03 April 2009

Today, absolutely unexpectedly, company Garmin has presented the new development - nuvifone - a mobile phone and GPS-navigator in one gadget. In general, today all the new developments combine in themselves some necessary possibilities at once.

Here is how the company describes the product: “[nuvifone] is for what waited both users of mobile phones and users of GPS, now these two functions are combined in one device”.

Certainly, the interesting new development, but it is not on sale at the moment. The device will appear on sale in the third quarter of this year. Actually, GPS – is a very convenient and necessary property, which can be also placed in mobile phones because special chips, necessary for it, become smaller and smaller.

So, the characteristics and possibilities:

* 3.5-inch touch display
* Connection 3.5G
* WiFi
* Columns
* MP3 player and MPEG4/AAC
* Web-browser
* Photo and videocamera
* e-mail, text, IM applications
* browsing through Google
* services from Garmin (weather, exchange rates, the prices for raw materials etc.)
* navigation by motorways and streets

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