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Laser show at home

Diposting oleh daulika on Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

n discos and concerts all of us for certain saw laser shows. It would be quite good to arrange such and at home. And the gadget “Red Hot Laser Show” will allow us to make it.

The wireless device is equipped by a microphone so it is possible not only to see a standard set of laser effects, but also to synchronise them with music. At desire it is possible even to take out gadget on street and to arrange representation there, but for some reason it seems to me, that for good laser show presence of walls and a ceiling in this case is very important.

The design of the device quite corresponds to its function. Developers have tried to give to the gadget as more as possible dynamical look. And red colour and the form of flame underline its appointment.


The Gadget-rescuer

Diposting oleh daulika on Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

This small device is called to help those who has appeared torn off from a civilisation and requires aid. We will consider it functionality more close.
AM/FM radio. At first sight it can seem, that it is an entertaining function, but after all the important information in case of accidents and extreme situations is broadcasted by radio. And by a radio station announcement it is possible to understand near to what city you are, and in what country, if everything is so bad, that even this information is not available.

Socket for mobile phone charge. Certainly, the most useful function. Only adapters for phones are not included in the complete set. But it is possible to try to combine this gadget with multifunctional charge about which we wrote here.
The thermometer, defining temperature surrounding environment in degrees of Celsius and Farenheit. Most likely, called to help morally as even at +4 by Celsius it is possible to freeze.
Red alarm small light. And this function is intended directly for calling aid. The bright red light submitting signals, will not remain not noticed if there are people somewhere nearby.
Powerful small lightight-emitting diodes. Simply irreplaceable thing in darkness. Light-emitting diodes not only give bright cleart, but also consume not so much, that is also important.

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